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One – on – One Coaching

At Business Coach, we aim to provide the best service at all times. One of our most results-driven programs is the One-on-One coaching program. In addition to improving the workplace perspective and mode of operating – this program usually makes a difference in the lives of our clients, beyond the office walls and into their personal lives, adding value to both lifestyle and to our client’s business.

Team Course

Team assessment is done in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the team overall. This part of the process helps the coach pinpoint the advantages the different members can bring to the table for the business in the general sense. A brainstorming session takes place wherein the objectives and goals of the business are reassessed and a strategic, actionable plan is formed.

Execution Coaching

The closing program consists of the strategic and actionable plan being broken down into steps, categorized and finally put into action. The business coach guides the small to medium business owner with certain tasks while advising the team to remain steadfast with the strategic plan that was conceived earlier on. While the strategy is now being executed, the business coach will point out to certain procedures that will help the team to stay on point regarding the business objectives and goals in the short, mid and long run of the business.

Helping People Reach There Goals

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Building Successful Businesses

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